2022/12/4 @Hill 12th Anniversary Live映像 Blade&Soul

2022/12/4 @Hill 12th Anniversary Live映像 Fly&Free  Moon  2曲連続

2022/12/4 @Hill 12th Anniversary Live映像 Dranker Blood Flower 2曲連続

Maria in CIRCUS NAGOYA Groove Night  2022/10/16

Drunker inCIRCUS NAGOYA Groove Night  2022/10/16

Blood Flower in CIRCUS NAGOYA Groove Night  2022/10/16

Moon in Heartland 2022/03/27

Fly and Free in Heartland 2022/03/27

Blade and Soul & Into the darkness in Heartland 2022/03/27

Blood Flower in Heartland 2022/03/27

Moon in @Hill 2022/01/30

In to the Darkness in @Hill 2022/01/30

GOLD in @Hill 2022/01/30

Faker in @Hill 2022/01/30

Dranker in @Hill 2022/01/30

Blood Flower in @Hill 2022/01/30

Blood Flower in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

In to the Darkness in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

FAKER in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

GOLD in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

MARIA in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

Moon in MUJIKA 2021/12/19

BLADE and SOUL in TIGHT ROPE 2021/11/21

※2021/11/21 名古屋栄のTIGHT ROPEさんで初お披露目しましたできたてホヤホヤの新曲です!

DRUNKER in TIGHT ROPE 2021/11/21



Moon in TIGHT ROPE 2021/11/21

2021/06/06 Drunker0530 in SCRACH KOMAKI

2021/06/06 Future in SCRACH KOMAKI

2021/06/06 In to the Darkness in SCRACH KOMAKI

2021/06/06 GOLD in SCRACH KOMAKI

2021/06/06 Moon in SCRACH KOMAKI

2021/05/23 Fly and Free in UNLIMITS

2021/05/23 In to the Darkness in UNLIMITS

2021/05/23 Dranker in UNLIMITS

2021/05/23 Blood Flower in UNLIMITS

2021/03/28 Blood flower  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28  Drunker  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28 Faker  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28 Shining Moon  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28 Maria  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28 In to the darkness  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/28 Gold  in Sound DiningBar・D

2021/03/07 Blood flower  in Holiday Next NAGOYA

2021/03/07 Gold  in Holiday Next NAGOYA

2021/03/07 Maria  in Holiday Next NAGOYA

2021/03/07 In to the Darkness  in Holiday Next NAGOYA

2021/03/07 Shining Moon  in Holiday Next NAGOYA

2020/12/27 Blood Flower SCRACH in KOMAKI

2020/12/27 Drunker(0530)

2020/12/27 Faker SCRACH in KOMAKI

2020/12/27 Shining Moon  SCRACH in KOMAKI

2020/11/29  Hart Land  Maria